Please read through the Rules and Regulations and agree before completing your online registration. You will be required to sign a copy of these Rules and Regulations and Registration Form on site. You can download and print a these forms to expedite your check in on site.

Munising Trout & Salmon Classic

May 16-17, 2020

When you submit your registration fee, you are required to read and understand all rules and regulations pertaining to your specific event and the General Rules of the tournament. The captains meeting is held to ensure all participants have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and are clear on the rules and their interpretations. The team captain or representative attendance is required, but all team members are encouraged to attend.

Captains Meeting

The captains meeting will be held Friday May 15th at 7:00pm at Shooters Firehouse Lounge located at 410 Mill Street in Munising. Rules will be reviewed at the captains meeting prior to the tournament. Selection of tournament committee members will be made.

Tournament Times

All Fishing will begin and end at either Munising City Dock or Munising Boat Launch. Officials will be available at both of these locations for cooler checks. At the end of each day, coolers will be transported by tournament officials to weigh station (Shooters). Flag numbers must be attached to coolers.






5:30 AM

3:30 PM

4:30 PM

   SUNDAY 17th

5:30 AM

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

Boats will leave from within the designated START/FINISH area each day at a “shotgun start” signal (air horn will be used) and from marine radio channel 72 broadcast. NO FISHING PRIOR TO SIGNAL. All boats need to be within the designated START/FINISH area by the end time of each day. Boats must radio into tournament committee when they have entered the START/FINISH area. Any boat outside the START/FINISH area after the deadline will be disqualified immediately, no exceptions. Coolers with flag numbers must be transferred to the TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS at the dock prior to loading of boats onto trailers. Listen to channel 72 at least 15 minutes before each deadline for the exact countdown. All fishing must be done in Lake Superior. No fishing of tributaries is allowed.

Awards Ceremony

Will take place at Shooters Firehouse Lounge after weigh in calculations Sunday, May 17th.

Final Payouts


$2,000 for SALMON $2,000 for TROUT


Will be based on 10% of registration, up to a maximum of six places.

Other place payouts and prizes will be paid with cash and merchandise


Payout is based upon entry fees, sponsor funded money, and prizes

1st place is 50%, 2nd place is 30%, and 3rd place is 20%.

Bad Weather

Decisions regarding canceling or suspension due to bad weather will be made by the Tournament Committee. If Tournament Committee decides to cancel or suspend fishing for the day, due to bad weather, a completed tournament will be considered at least 4 hours of fishing for any of the two days. If four hours cannot be achieved during the two-day tournament, the tournament will be canceled in its entirety. If the tournament is canceled, you will receive a refund check of 90% of your registration fee (10% will be retained to cover tournament expenses). This check will be mailed within 14 days. If Tournament Committee cancels or suspends the tournament you MUST abide by the decision. NO fish will be counted if they are caught while the tournament is at a suspension or cancellation. If the decision to have a ‘make-up day’ is made, the date of the tournament will be June 2nd & 3rd. Monitor Channel 9 for safety and emergency information and channel 72 for tournament information.

Number of Rods

DNR rules apply (3 lines per fisherman). Extra lines in the water, at any time, disqualify that team for the tournament. In-line planer boards as well as otter boards/boats are allowed. Maximum fishing footprint is 30’ from the gunwales, parallel to the boat, both sides. Fishing must be from a boat.

Radio and Boat Size

Boats must be equipped with a working marine radio. Vessel must be equipped with all safety equipment to satisfy state law. Monitor channel 72 for tournament information. Tournament Officials will monitor channel 9 throughout the day in case of an emergency or situation that requires immediate attention. Tournament will start and end on channel 72. No minimum boat size requirement.

Michigan Laws

Highlights will be reviewed. All Michigan fishing laws must be observed. DNR violations on tournament days will disqualify the team without refund, regardless of outcome. Gaffing of fish will not be allowed.

Weigh In Procedures and Scoring

Weigh-In for all events will be at the Shooters Firehouse Lounge. Coolers must contain only the SIX fish of species per entered division that you are weighing. 2 Tournament flags will be issued, one flag must be turned in with cooler, the other one must be displayed on boat. Finalizing Weigh-In procedures will be decided at the captains meeting. Please drain coolers and remove loose ice. Block or bag ice is permitted. A penalty of 2 pounds will be subtracted for each extra fish (MORE THAN SIX per division). Weigh-In slips must be signed before leaving the scales. Check your Weigh-In slip before you sign. After signature, reweighing will not be allowed and no changes can be made after you have signed. Weigh-In slips will be utilized until after payout of prizes. Weigh-In slips will be discarded after payouts. Cooler seal will be removed by tournament officials, with team captain present, immediately prior to Weigh-In. Team captain will remove the fish at the scales to be weighed. All SIX fish per division will be weighed, totaled at the scales, noted on Weigh-In slips, signed by the team captain, and stored by tournament officials for payout determination.

Scoring is total weight (pounds and ounces). DNR allows ONE greater than 34 inch trout per fisherman per day. To even the chances between small and large teams, only TWO trout that are greater than 34 inches will be allowed in the cooler along with the next FOUR chosen fish (each less than 34 inches long).

BIG FISH scoring. Exact weight of the selected fish.

Marking Fish

Each individual fish, after being weighed, will be returned to the Team Captain, after tail fin has been punched. If a “Trophy Fish” (unpunched tail for mounting) is desired, the tournament officials will keep this fish, in a freezer until after payouts on Sunday.

Tie Breakers

Largest overall one day weight will break any ties that happen.

Tournament Flags

Team numbers must be displayed during the tournament. Secure them carefully. Failure to display team numbers during the events may result in disqualification.


Sorting will not be allowed after cooler is sealed. Place your best/qualifying SIX fish per division in your cooler. It will be sealed at the dock/launch and transported by tournament officials to Shooters Fire House Lounge for weigh-in.

Captain and Crew

Team captain for each team must be designated and identified on the registration form. The number of fishermen may vary. The same fishermen do not have to fish both days, but the registered team captain must participate both days. If your team decides to fish with different team members, you must contact Tournament Officials beforehand and obtain a liability release form that must be signed by new team members. In certain circumstances, a Team Captain may be changed but only with permission of Tournament Officials.

Early Departure

If you decide to decide to leave the water early on either day, you must radio in to Tournament Officials beforehand to ensure someone is available for cooler checks at either the City Dock or Boat Launch. Use channel 72 on the marine radio.

Disabled boats

Boats must return under their own power. No boat may come into direct physical contact with another boat for any reason unless authorized by Tournament Control. Physical contact will result in disqualification for both teams. Obviously, boats in distress, dangerous, or life-threatening situations must be dealt with accordingly. Disabled boats that arrive late will not be able to weigh in. Once the tournament begins, you cannot change boats for any reason.

Tournament Committee

Committee size will be FIVE people. The Tournament Director will be a member, as well as FOUR participants (two from each division) who will be selected during the captain meeting. This committee will preside over tournament and handle judgments on weather conditions, disputes, disagreements,

and violations of rules. Your participation in this tournament indicates your acceptance of this procedure and your agreement that the decisions of the Tournament Committee will be final. Immediate action for noncompliance of tournament rules will be the jurisdiction of the Tournament Committee regarding the event in question. When you elect to fish this event you agree by your signature to abide by the policies, rules and decisions set forth by the Tournament Director and selected Tournament Committee.


Cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualified and banned from all future Munising Salmon and Trout Classic tournaments.


All protests must be submitted within one hour after posted FISHING END time each day.

Boat Inspections

Tournament Officials will be in the Munising Bay designated START/FINISH area one hour prior to tournament start times each day, and be available for random cooler, live well, and boat inspections.


Contact Bromley Hall (906) 630-2973, Pat Gariepy (906) 202-2694 or visit for more information.